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Homer Alaska Fishing Charters


Alaska Ocean Pros, operating out of Homer, Alaska offers world class fishing with a small town appeal. Join Captain Gabe Linegar and crew for a truly memorable experience. Choose from one of our two boats, the Casino, new in 2016, is a 40-foot catamaran that is so much more than a fishing vessel. Or the Kingpin, a sturdy 42-foot Delta that truly is a workhorse. We fish using the best gear available and work hard to get your fish and a great time. Give us a call today and book your trip! You won’t regret it.

Fishing From Homer, Alaska

Fishing from Homer, Alaska is a once in a lifetime experience for most people that travel here. So much goes into planning the perfect trip, we want to make sure your fishing excursion is nothing less. At Alaska Ocean Pros, we work extremely hard to make your Home halibut fishing trip stand out among your Alaskan memories. From the attentive staff to the top of the line gear to the boat accommodations and amenities. We pride ourselves in the service that you receive as well as the fish you catch.

We have a variety of fishing trips to choose from, including Homer halibut charters. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call and we can customize the perfect trip for you! We fish for Halibut, Rockfish, Ling Cod and Salmon.

Long Range Fishing Charters from Homer, Alaska

What is “Long Range”? long range simply means we go further. On an average day, the Casino travels 40-60 miles (approximately 2 hours travel time) out from the Homer Harbor. We pass Seldovia, Port Graham, Nanwalek and fish near the Barren Islands and even further South around Shuyak Island. You cannot beat the view and scenery en route to the fishing grounds, and chances are good that you will see sea lions, sea otters, humpback whales, porpoises, puffins and an array of other sea birds and creatures. Even if a Long Range charter from Homer isn’t what you are looking for, we have you covered.

A Few Words about Homer Halibut

Homer is known as the Halibut Capital of the World. This moniker was earned for good reason. Homer acts as a jumping-off point for some incredible halibut fishing because of its unique location. Homer halibut are plentiful and grow to huge sizes but our charters head out past most of the fleet to fish in waters that get far less traffic.

A Homer halibut is actually one of two species of halibut. Alaskan halibut are known as Pacific halibut, with the other species being Atlantic halibut). They are both right-eyed flounders because both eyes are on the right side of the fish. The halibut was so named because of its popularity on Catholic holy days (Haly means Holy – Butte means flatfish).

Halibut are born like any other fish with eyes on either side of its body. When the halibut is around six months old, the left eye migrates to the right side of its body. This is also when the top of the halibut turns brown and the bottom side turns white.

Halibut eat just about anything that falls to the bottom of the sea. However, sometimes halibut will swim to the surface to feed. Many people are surprised to learn that halibut have few natural predators. Animals that hunt Homer halibut include sea lions, orcas, sharks, and fishermen on our boat.

Homer Halibut are One of the Best Eating Fish In the Ocean

There is only one thing better than catching Homer halibut and that’s eating them. Halibut is recognized as one of the best-eating fish in the world. Even people that don’t normally enjoy eating fish will devour some halibut fish and chips.

Most people grill, bake or fry their Homer halibut. The meat is white and has a clean taste so it tends to absorb other flavors when it’s cooked in a sauce. Halibut is also very nutritious because it’s low in fat, high in Omega-3s, and an excellent source of protein.

Halibut also freezes well, which is important if you’re going to ship your fish back home. Your catch can be inexpensively processed at the local Homer halibut processing plant. Your halibut fillets will be cut into portions and flash-frozen, then packed into wax-sealed boxes for shipping. If you keep it frozen, your halibut will be good to eat for at least two years without any hint of that fishy taste.

Your Homer Halibut Fishing Trip Should Be a Total Experience

Our long rang Homer halibut charters are something truly special. The best fishing trips offer far more than fishing. The Alaskan wilderness backdrop is arguably the most incredible setting for any charter anywhere in the world.

It’s common to see all sorts of wildlife on your fishing charter. Humpback whales are often spotted breaching and tail-slapping when we are out on our long-range trips. Orcas are also frequently spotted. Sometimes orcas travel in small pods with a large male and a couple of females and sometimes we encounter mega-pods comprised of dozens of orcas.

Sea lions, seals, and sea otters, and Dahl porpoise are also commonly spotted. Sometimes massive schools of porpoise are seen tearing through the water.

Our long-range Homer charters also take you to some truly remote regions. Kodiak is well known as a lush-green island that stirs the imagination. The sprawling Alaskan Peninsula is as remote as it gets. Much of the peninsula is an unspoiled wilderness where brown bears rule. Glaciers and volcanoes are still shaping this incredible, ancient land.

This is what makes your Homer fishing charter with Alaskan Ocean Pros so special. We offer so much more than catching fish. As the only day-charter offering long-range trips, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Homer, Alaska – Alaska’s Halibut Headquarters

Many people consider Homer to be the most beautiful city in the entire state of Alaska. If you ever get the chance to watch a full moon rise over Kachemak Bay, you won’t be able to argue. With a population of only 5,000, Homer retains its small-town charm and is known around the world as a premier fishing destination.

The Sterling Highway connects Homer to the Kenai Peninsula and the entire road system of North America. You can drive all the way out to the end of the road on the Homer Spit, which is where most of the fishing action happens in town.

Homer Halibut Fishing

Much of the local economy centers around Homer halibut and salmon fishing, both commercially and on local charters. Tourism is fast becoming another major source of local revenue. No trip to Homer is complete without a visit to the Salty Dog Saloon on the Homer Spit.

During your stay in Homer, be sure to keep an eye out for local wildlife like moose. Homer is also a bird watchers paradise if you’re into that kind of thing.

What To Bring on Your Homer Halibut Fishing Trip

When it comes to weather, Homer fishing trips can be unpredictable. Your charter may feature sunny skies and calm seas but long-range trips can sometimes get bumpy and chilly, so it’s good to be fully prepared.

For clothing, it’s always a good idea to bring more layers than you need for your Homer halibut fishing trip. Alaskans typically wear a base layer of Merino wool or a synthetic blend, a layer or two of fleece, and a shell layer of something water and wind resistant.

Seas can get rough. Even if you’ve never experienced motion sickness, we recommend considering taking some kind of motion sickness medication in advance of your trip. If you do get sick on the boat, the medication will not work and it’s one of the worst feelings you will ever experience.

We also recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Some of our guests bring their own binoculars so that they can get an up-close look at whales and other varieties of wildlife. You can also bring your own preferred snacks and beverages.

We provide all of the gear and bait so you don’t have to worry about bringing a rod and reel unless you have a rig that you want to bring on board. If you have any special needs, be sure to let us know so that we can accommodate you.

More about the Fish

We target multiple species of fish on every Homer charter. King salmon are caught in the spring and early summer. Silvers and other species of salmon start running in July and the fishing heats up even more into August.

We catch a variety of bottom fish other than halibut. Lingcod are big bruisers that hang out on rocky pinnacles. They can be caught on bait or jigs and they put up a good fight. They are also one of the best-eating fish in the state. Sometimes anglers hook onto small rockfish, which are then attacked by big lingcod. The lingcod will hold onto the rockfish all the way to the surface before letting go. We are sometimes able to gaff these fish before they let go.

Rockfish are another fun fish to catch. There are two varieties of rockfish in Alaska – pelagic and non-pelagic. Pelagic rockfish move around while non-pelagic remain in one location throughout their entire life. Yelloweye are the most sought-after non-pelagic rockfish because they are delicious. These fish can live up to 150 years. Many Alaskans call them red snapper, although they are not a true snapper.

Black rockfish are also called black bass in Alaska. They are the most popular pelagic rockfish because they are good eating and grow larger than most other pelagic rockfish.

Homer halibut and halibut caught on our long-range trips are known for their large size. It’s not uncommon to encounter “barn door” sized halibut on our long-range trips out of Homer. There’s a reason why Homer is considered the halibut capital of the world. Halibut are the crown jewel of any Homer charter, so we make sure all of our guests have an opportunity to catch one of the big boys.

How to Fish for Homer Halibut

Whether you’re on a long or short range Homer halibut fishing charter, the techniques are the same. Large chunks of bait are attached to a circle hook and the line is weighted so that it rests on the bottom. Halibut come along and inhale the bait. When they try to run away with it, the circle hook does its job.

Halibut can also be caught jigging. The jigs are equipped with J-hooks, so it’s necessary to set the hook when you feel a bite. Some of the waters we fish are surprisingly shallow, less than 100 feet deep, which makes it a lot easier to reel in the big halibut. Other fish are sometimes caught when fishing for halibut. Yelloweye, gray cod (also called true cod) are commonly caught.

Some really ugly fish are sometimes caught while halibut fishing. Irish Lords are a variety of sculpin with massive heads and big mouths. Arrowtooth flounder are nasty flatfish with razor sharp teeth and a mean disposition. Dogfish are a variety of shark that our Homer halibut charter guests sometimes catch.

Book Your Short or Long Range Homer Charter Today

We offer short-range day trips or overnight long-range trips, both of which leave from Homer. Homer halibut and a host of other fish can be caught on either trip, so book your charter today.

At Alaska Ocean Pros, we have one goal – to make sure you have the fishing experience of a lifetime.


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“Great trip! Killer Combo 8.5.16 – Skipper Gabe is great super friendly and finds the fish! Big halibut, ling cod and yellow eye rockfish on jigs!”

-- Zane Templeman

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“Great operation..first class captain and crew, Lesa is very helpful in the office..they go where other boat can’t.”

-- Curt Shaw

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“My husband and I fished two days on the Casino with Captain Gabe and his deck hand Mike. Both guys are very good at what they do. The boat is awesome and the fishing was what we had hoped for. Captain Gabe takes his customers where no other boats go… So be sure to book a full day trip and you won’t regret it. We hope to do it again in the future.”

-- Linda Shaw

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“Unbeatable experience. Gabe and Mike are absolutely terrific. I expected to have a once in a lifetime trip to Alaska but these guys have me planning to do it again in a few years. I wouldn’t go on a fishing charter with anyone else.”

-- John Ravinskas

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