The Real Long Range Halibut Trip (10-12 hours)

Long range what does this mean? “Long range fishing trips” is a term that gets abused in Alaska. Every charter business in Alaska says they do “long range fishing trips.” The charter offices sell trips, websites book trips, and word of mouth sells trips. Most charter offices have 4 different options for a halibut trip, 1/2 day, 3/4 day, short range (less than 25 miles out 8 hours,) and long range halibut trips (more than 25 miles out 10-12 hours.) we at Alaska Ocean Pros only offer real long range fishing trips. Don’t be fooled. There are around 25 boats in Homer, Alaska that do the over 25 mile long range halibut trips. There are only 2 boats in Homer, Alaska that do real 60-100 mile long range fishing trips. Alaska Ocean Professionals is known for what old timers call “Christopher Columbus fishing trips.” Alaska Ocean Professionals goes fishing where other charter companies wish they could fish. We are invested in our reputation by having the most extreme fishing experiences. There are a couple new charter guys that say they do trips just like Alaska Ocean Pros. It is not true. Captain Gabe and Captain Pono are self taught fishing captains that don’t copy cat other fishermen. Alaska Ocean Pros fishes locations that may have never been fished by sport fishermen. Don’t be fooled. No one can say every trip is huge fish, everyone limits out, and no one gets sea sick, but guaranteed when you fish with Alaska Ocean Pros you will get and adventure provided by experienced crews that spend more than half the year on the ocean. We appreciate you not telling people where you were fishing on this trip. These are secret spots that Alaska Ocean Pros has invested 1000’s of dollars in fuel to explore.


2 halibut per a day, 4 per a year. Plus endless memories.

1 halibut each day can be any size and if you keep to in a days fishing the second fish must be under 26”.

May, June, July, August, September

$350.00 per a person plus 7.85% borough sales tax. Gratuity not included

Homer Halibut Fishing Charters Alaska Ocean Pros


Casino Combo (12 hour trip)

Do you want to go catching or go fishing? Do you want to fish in areas where you will not have competition? Do you want to see whales of all species, sea lions, sea otters, sea birds, black bears, Sitka blacktail deer, and if time allows maybe even a Kodiak Brown Bear. The Casino Combo is a catch everything charter. There are a lot of Homer fishermen that hate on Alaska Ocean Professionals for there reputation of this charter. The Casino has a reputation for bringing back lots of fish. If you don’t believe us ask “Butt Whackers” our fish fillet friends. Butt Whackers fillets the Casino’s catch every day. The Casino and Captain Gabe Linegar from 1 July- end of August exclusively run this trip 5 days a week. You will be fishing locations 80-100 miles from Homer. This trip is a catching trip not a fishing trip. We do not go after huge barn door halibut on this trip even though you might hook into one. You will fish for whatever bites halibut, lingcod, rockfish, salmon, grey cod etc etc etc. This trip is not a trip for people that don’t want to fish. You don’t get to fish your rod in a rod holder because you are doing what’s called jigging all day long. Jigging is the up and down movement of your rod making your jig under the water look like a bait. We “move and groove” all day long as Captain Gabe calls it. The M/v Casino fishes around Kodiak island everyday. Don’t let some big talking guy on the phone tell you he fishes Kodiak island everyday because it’s not true. The Casino and a couple Kodiak based overnight venture boats are the only operators in the 40 mile area. This trip though is a lot of catching is also resource conscious. We don’t want our customers being hoggish and keeping more fish than they can eat or killing breeding fish. Alaska Ocean Professionals want to maintain our fishery and encourage releasing big female lingcod and not targeting yellow eye rockfish that are more than 80 years old. Sustainable fishing is our key.


2 halibut, 2 lingcod, 5 rockfish, 6 salmon and endless memories.

July and August only

$450.00 per a person plus 7.85% bourough sales tax. Gratuity not included

Casino No Halibut Combo (12 hour trip)

This is a catch everything but halibut trip. Where are we going to fish? Answer we aren’t going to tell you. Hahah! We will target lingcod, rockfish, salmon, salmon maybe even in a river after the 1st of August. You will see a lot of ocean wildlife. You might even see Bears! We only run this trip on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. You won’t regret this choice for a fishing adventure you won’t forget.

$400.00 per a person plus 7.85% bourough sales tax. Gratuity not included


5 rockfish, 2 lingcod, 6 salmon and endless memories.

July and August only

Halibut/ Rockfish Combo (10-12 hour trip)

If you want to catch halibut and some delicious, fun fighting rockfish this trip is for you. This trip is a mixed bag trip not designed as a trophy fishing trip but a combo. We are trying to put you on a limit of halibut and a limit of rockfish. Rockfish are most Alaskans favorite eating fish desired over even halibut.

$375.00 per a person plus 7.85% bourough sales tax. Gratuity not included.


2 halibut per a day 4 halibut per a year.

5 pelagic rockfish per a day of which 1 can be a non-pelagic (yellow eye)

May, June, July, August, September